Environmentally Friendly Lumber

CORís component lumber is manufactured using guidelines of solid environmental practices. Its solid engineered lumber (SEL) does not rely on old growth timber, but is harvested from readily available, fast-growing small-diameter trees that are easily renewed to provide long-term availability. This is evidenced with the use of second and third generation aspen and yellow poplar trees. Further enhancing CORís commitment to Conserve Our Resources, CORís component lumber uses up to 75% of every tree harvested in the manufacture of its veneer, compared to an average of 40% of the tree used in the manufacture of traditional solid sawn lumber products.

COR and their component lumber partner is committed to safely manufacturing the highest quality engineered lumber products in an environmentally responsible manner to meet their customerís needs. CORís structural engineered lumber is manufactured at plants which have developed and implemented log procurement policies and procedures that meet the requirements of the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PAģ) Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFIô) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standards.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is a group founded by timber and paper companies that have advanced its own set of standards. The Sustainable Forestry Initiativeģ Program is a comprehensive forestry management program that is a marriage of environmental responsibility and sound business practices.

In short, this means the facility that produces CORís structural engineered lumber is part of a program whose participants plant more than 1.7 million trees every day. It is part of a program whose participants provide the wood and paper products we need, while seeking to ensure we have viable forests and wildlife for generations to come.

As described above, CORís patented process starts with layers of solid wood. The wood strands are then laminated together with a polymerized resin. No urea-formaldehyde resins are used in the COR veneer.

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