COR Products Inc. provides a suite of eco-friendly paneling products based on the COR patented engineered wood veneer. The acronym COR stands for Conserve Our Resources and highlights the “green” nature of the COR product line. COR panels and sheet goods can be used to give an environment a unique, natural, and bold look, while protecting the earth’s scarce natural resources and may help a project achieve LEED® credits for low emitting materials.

COR paneling products have a natural, unique and beautiful grain, and can be stained to achieve dynamic results. They are ideal for architects and designers looking for stunning alternatives to the classic application of wood in restaurants, corporate offices, hotels, lobby areas, stores, and residences. COR paneling products can be used for wall panels, cabinetry, furniture components, retail fixtures, shelving, and more.

The COR Product Line

Sheet Goods

COR Sheet goods permit architects and designers to use the distinctive COR veneer for wall paneling, cabinetry, furniture construction, store fixtures, and other interior building applications where classic wood veneers are typically used.

Standard COR sheet goods come in 4x8 and 4x10 sheets of varying thickness (including 1/8", 1/2", and 3/4"). COR’s 1/8” sheet good offer a flexible option where a curved radius is necessary. COR’s 3/4" panels may be ordered as Good-one-sided, or Good-two-side to service all of your needs and edgebanding is available for trimming.

Panels may be ordered unfinished or pre-finished in any of our 6 standard colors. For additional texture, panels can be ordered with an ‘aged’ texture. This aging process gives the panels an additional organic tactile texture.

To address fire-code regulations, when necessary, COR sheet goods may be ordered as Class 1 fire-rated panels.

Decorative Wall Panels

COR Decorative Wall Panels capitalize on COR’s inherent texture to make multi-dimensional wall panels. The wall panels are engineered with ease of installation in mind. Each pattern is delivered in a format that allows flexible configuration, simple installation, and an ingenious design in which all screws/nails can be completely hidden.

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